I set up Andie B Design in 2016 when I began my journey into enamel- and glass-based jewellery and decorative pieces.

I have been “messing with beads” since the beginning of primary school, but learned to make lampwork glass beads relatively recently.  I upgraded my skills to include wirework to produce beautiful jewellery which incorporates my handmade beads, my enamel pendants and pieces, or even both.  Much of my jewellery includes semi-precious stone beads to compliment the lampwork beads, and all findings are Sterling silver or copper where possible.

My love of enamel powders happened by accident after discovering enamelling on copper and the bright, colourful pieces that could be produced.  I went on to learn glass fusion using enamel powders, and Andie B Design came into its own.

My enamel and glass art decorative pieces are mainly inspired by the natural world and I favour stronger colours and contrasts.  I also find colour and form inspiring, and am developing plaques with imagery taken from highly descriptive texts I’ve studied over the years.  I am currently working on pieces inspired by the wonderful range produced by Autumn trees and landscapes and on developing cloisonné pieces.